Winner’s Attitude

  Having a winner’s attitude may be the make or break for you when it comes to psyching yourself.  Everyone deals with adversity, it is the worst part of trying to accomplish something because you’re either going to keep pushing through tough times or you’re going to roll over and give up.  When you face an adverse situation like when something goes wrong and you want to give up, the best thing to do would be to tell yourself in your head to keep pushing.  If you keep pushing through situations, you will never give up and allow your time to shape your success.
No one in the world is perfect.  No one goes through adverse situations without learning or gaining something new.  To survive and thrive are two completely different agendas.  When someone is trying to survive in life, there doing everything they can to just scrape by in life.  On the other hand, when people thrive in life they are doing everything in there power to live life to the fullest and soak in as much information and experience as possible.  The goal in life of course is to thrive and prosper.donald trumpo

If you have a bad attitude or don’t put yourself in the right mindset you will lose.  Winners only listen to themselves and produce regardless of what people say.  When other people start to speak their mind, winners don’t listen, tune out, and get back to grinding.  Winners are always grinding.  The biggest mistake you can make is to allow time to take over your life.  Everything in your daily routine is in your hands to change.  Every individual has the ability to alter their present conditions.  If you don’t think there is something to be done for your current situation, then you’re not learning enough to stay ahead.
Losers will sit there and complain about everything that isn’t working out.  Complaining and bitching about a bad situation which does nothing to resolve it.  The only solution to a terrible situation is to take decisive action and be the best you can be.  Getting yourself out of difficult situations will take a lifetime to learn and become good at.  The best way to learn is through experience, and in your lifetime there will be situations you encounter that will force you to think quickly on your feet.  Having the indecisiveness to think quickly will affect the way you produce.
Taking the time to think of the next step in fulfilling your goal will make all the difference in the long haul.  Winner’s think like carpenters.  Every great carpenter is going to build the next step on a staircase, step by step.  There is no difference when your are trying to win in the real world.  In the real world there may be occasions when you lose a battle and go through the stress of picking yourself up.  Especially in times of hardship you have to separate your thoughts from what’s really going on.  The winner’s attitude will never perish in the face of adversity.  The winner will always open his or her mind to a new way of learning, learning through failure.
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When you fail, you grow.  Winners are always trying to find new ways to grow whether it’s through experience or knowledge.  Everything whether we know or not has a way to form a new mind ability.  Every little failure or setback we face on a daily basis will bring us one step closer to being the best that we can be.  Winner’s look at failures or setbacks as opportunities to enhance and grow.  Losers will fall down when things don’t go according to plan.  Nothing in life will go according to the exact plan.  Life happens.  Shit happens.  We have to stay up when we’re faced with hardships, it’s the only thing you can control.  A lot of stuff isn’t in our control, but mental strength and ability will make us that much more strong.
When we have difficult situations the best thing we can continue to tell ourselves is, don’t quit.  You have to adapt the navy seal mindset, won’t quit, not in the grave dead yet.  Navy seals are some of the toughest modern day warriors.  The thing that separates the navy seals from just about every other special forces unit is there ability to be the most mentally fit commandos.  If we think we have it hard in the real world, think again, because the Navy seals go through the the most grueling specialized training created by the military.  Every other special forces unit is tough but the seals put tough to a different level.  Without a doubt, navy seals have the winner’s attitude of never giving up and always pushing forward.  If there was one thing we could take away from the navy’s special forces it would be to have the strongest mind in the face of adversity.
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New opportunities will come your way along the process.  Don’t think for one second that just because you’ve failed in the past means you will fall in the future.  It’s a daily, hourly habit to be obsessed with getting better all the time.  If you have put everything you can into something, there’s no other feeling of full force effort being put into something to be the best.  When new opportunities come up you want to maintain a state of total control and dominance.
 Every opportunity is different, keeping a state of truth to the situation is key.  If you allow the obstacle to take over the opportunity than preparation wasn’t enough to win.  Obsession is the true answer.  Conor McGregor, one the best mixed martial artists in the fight game said it best, “There’s no talent here, this is hard work, This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that’s that. I am not talented, I am obsessed.”  Anything worth achieving success is relevant to this point.  If you want to see yourself as someone you need to put everything into it so there’s no regrets or looking back wondering.  You have to make the decision to move forward.

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