Your Time is More Valuable

Time is the most precious thing that we all have. Each moment that passes by will not come back to you, it’s gone. You aged, and you won’t get to relive those memories that have passed again. You also will not attain those dreams that you have every night, unless you use the time that you have right now very carefully. If you fool around too much and do things that are not necessary to your development, then what is your life really building towards?

I started to have these thoughts start to erupt late in my 30’s.

I was working my 9-5 job for a local business, my boss was my childhood friend, and a local owner of a pool and spa service company. It turns out his business started to become relatively successful in a short amount of time, and he started adding new employees, and growing his income two fold in less than a year. In that time span, he was buying a new house in a nearby high income neighborhood, and I could not have been happier for him.

Just after he moved in, he asked if I could come over after work to help him fix his pool and hot tub, and he would pay me for it. I told him he didn’t have to, I was his friend and I would be happy to do it to hang out at his new house and maybe enjoy a couple beers on the job. He was fine with that and I met him later that evening.

I was living a relatively comfortable life. Had a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs in a nice neighborhood where we all drove pickup trucks and fuel efficient cars to drive to our jobs all over the cities nearby. Worked 5 days a week earning upper middle class wages for a boss that I liked, and I had most weekends off so I could spend time with my friends and family. I was ecstatic getting off work at 5 o’clock, and take the drive to my buddy’s house to enjoy a couple beers and work outside for a little bit. When I arrived, he greeted me shirtless in his bathing suit in a nice driveway in front of his house with a case of beers to greet me with and show him around. He seemed happier than usual and I was excited to enjoy a good time.

After throwing back a couple cruisers and taking the tour around his house, we got up and he told me we better start getting to work. I was pumped to see what we were working with. I was guessing something may be wrong with his pool and it was a two man job to fix it. To my surprise, we began walking to the back of the house rather than to the backyard, and turned the corner to open a door into a little room in a side part of his house. He has a full blown relax room with a massage table, a shower, and a spa, in a 4 walled room that had a full sided of glass pane window facing the sunset. There was a fully stocked refrigerator in the corner, complete with beer and wine bottles.

spa room

At this moment I was shocked at the glory of this room, and it was so elegant, yet so simple. That room was the nicest and most beautiful room I have been in of any friend or relative of mine, and a bit of jealousy arose out of me.

My buddy told me that it was a spa controller that there was an issue with and he knew how handy I was with the tech problems of spas. It was an easy fix, even with a few bottles of beer down. And he was impressed with my speed at fixing it and said he hadn’t known how to fix any of the new controllers that year. I scoffed a bit and asked if he was kidding around. He said not at all, he has been mostly just doing paperwork and hiring new workers that I was training and hasn’t needed to learn how much of any of the new spa and pool technology he worked. He commented that his business was starting to fully function without him needed to manage anything but the accounts anymore. He said most of his work day consists of a little bit of computer work and talking with new customers on the phone. Since he felt he was the best at talking to customers on the phone, and his business grows with each new customer, he wanted to be the first person that many of the callers talked to when they needed to hire a pool guy. He said this was when his business change, and money really started to flow in.

We drank a couple more beers and kept talking throughout the night, and I asked him a few more questions about the changing moments in the success of his business. I started to become totally intrigued in the change I saw in his eyes, the words he spoke, and the tone of his voice.

construction workerThoughts started swirling in my hand, and for a quick few moments, I thought about the state of my life, if I saw improvement capable. I thought back to my ambitions as a youth, and what I wanted to be, and what I wanted for my life. I felt the urge to achieve success again, and I told him how incredibly happy I am for this experience, and what he shared with me. I was inspired quickly by him to make a change, and I told him I wanted to give a two weeks notice and told him I am going to become just like him. I was going to own a business, and possibly multiple, and make a major change in my life. He said that was exactly what he had hoped he would hear out of me, and said he always dreamed of being successful in life, but more so, becoming successful with a friend of his. He told me he to stop showing up the day I wanted to stop, and there would be no qualms about it, but on the condition that we remain in contact, and motivate each other with our progress.

wage slaveThis moment in my life was so pivotal. I had a family that I wanted to be better for, and I had the support of a close friend he gave me the encouragement I needed to start out. The reason for this blog is to help other people who were in the position as I was, and to be the voice of courage that my friend turned out to be, to help keep you motivated to keep driving yourself to the success that you aspire to create. Encouragement is a powerful thing, and you must encourage yourself day in and out to use your time in this life wisely. I wasted many years working and doing things that were not necessary for a great improvement in my life, but thanks to the encouragement that I had from others, it truly helped me achieve the success that I aspired to reach so much faster.

I hope during your time on this blog, you find some information that will help you attain the success that you want in life, in whatever it may be in. You are all truly powerful and creative, and smart people, and I want you all to know that you can achieve your dreams if you put in the work necessary, and take a very careful assessment of how you are spending your time.

Too much is out there available for entertainment, and it seems people are forgetting what their youthful ambitions were during their teenage and young adult years. It still exists within all of you, but you must bring it out day in and out to get your brain to think about what is truly important. When you are getting caught up in the trivial entertainment and brain imprisoning parts of life, and don’t give yourself a chance to honestly assess your life every night, than you could be wasting away like many are. Step away from this computer, go sit in a quiet place, and talk to your brain. See what thoughts start arising.encouraging words not


Is this life the one you want? Who are you? What do you think about? What do you aspire to be? Are you happy right now? Were you happy over the last week? What have you desired? Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? What are you doing right now to get there? What did you do today to get to where your dreams lie?

Many people will wake up, think about the job they have to go to, or class they have to attend, listen to music or the radio on the way there, mentally engage in the on goings of the job, conversation, class, trivial entertainment, go back home listening to something, spend the rest of the night talking to someone, watching entertainment, reading entertainment, eating, masturbating, having sex, doing drugs, drinking, go to sleep, wake up, do it all over again until the weekend when it’s time to party, take the kids somewhere, go mindless for days, catch up on sleep, watch tv, blah, blah, blah.

How does that life sound? Is it similar. If it is, big things need to change in your life. Next time you look in the mirror, is the person looking back seem happy with where their life is? Or does he look like he wishes for me.

Ytime is upour time is so valuable guys. Use it before it is up!


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