3 Places to Travel On A Budget This Winter

Winter is the season that calls for a long, cozy, easy-on-pocket vacation. It is the ultimate holiday season in almost every part of the world. Shopping sales are on a surge and traveling rates are cheaper. Flight tickets are reduced for their costs and hotels are easily available. If you are planning for a trip this winter, you should use apps to guide you to the best online hotel deals available. For the selection of your destination, you should choose the best place according to its optimum weather, good hotel service, and overall good holiday experience. The three best places to visit this winter are:

The Bahamas: Winters in the Bahamas is not as harsh as in other parts of the world. The sun is out on most days and you can bask in it without it burning your skin. The weather is the most favorable here. The crystal clear, the blue ocean has a view that is to die for and the white sand shores are the perfect spot for relaxing. If you want to go somewhere close to nature then the Bahamas is the right place for you. The Bahamas is an affordable option for most budget-conscious travelers. My wife and I made the tough decision to forgo getting a nice new concrete driveway and instead went to the Bahamas in the Winter! There are so many activities to indulge in like swimming, waterboarding, surfing sailing.

Tulum, Mexico: Winter months are the busiest here. December and January are jam-packed for hotels but you can still find good, affordable hotel deals till March. Tulum does not freeze in winters.

The expansive, shoreline of the Yucatan peninsula is known for its mesmerizing beaches. You will witness colonies of giant sea turtles living here. Tulum also has plenty of historic buildings, shrines, and temples that date back to the Mayans and some are six to seven centuries old. Accommodation is pretty cheap here. There are hotels which provide spacious rooms with top-quality food and drink services in less than $100 per individual per night. This is why Tulum is flooded with tourists all year long.

The Florida Keys: The Florida Keys is a chain of tropical Islands, encompassing a distance of 120 miles from the southern part of the state. The US Highway is its main traveling route. Keys is famous for its lit life. The suburban culture consists of parties all year long especially organized on beaches. The sunsets here are ethereal. Watersports and art galleries are another frequently visited places of Florida Keys. The Florida Keys has some good, reputable hotels on its map but most of them are on the pricier side. Parrot Key Hotel & Resort offers some great accommodation services along with the best fine dining experience ever. However, it is the best place for those who have a lot of money. Some reasonable options include the famous Lime Tree Bay Resort which provides a top-notch resort experience. It is built close to the shore and offers a number of different activities you can experience such as swimming, hot bathing and relaxing on a hammock.

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