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What better way to start a blog that talks about motivation than one the thing that your day must start with, and which does take some motivation to accomplish, and that is, waking up. Waking up is easy, your body naturally does it, but once you wake up, do you roll out of bed and start your day, or do you soak up the time you are in your bed more than you need. What is there that gets you out of bed? Is there a driving force of why you should get up today. The thing I have noticed when waking up each day was preparing to have a reason to get up early in the morning when I go to sleep the night before. By setting myself up with a task that needed to be done early in the morning, I had a reason that I needed to get out of bed. Back when I worked a job or went to school, my motivation for getting up punctually was to avoid confrontation and repercussions of showing up late somewhere. By creating or using a reason that you have to get up to help you get out of bed can help you spring out of bed with a reason.
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One of the hardest thing to do starting off your morning is waking up and self motivating yourself to achieve something.  It’s normal for most people to want to sleep in and relax.  Some people are heavy sleepers and some are light sleepers.  Waking up in light sleep is best, due to brain function.  It’s well known in the neuroscience field that waking up from heavy sleep causes headaches and unwanted “brain fuzziness.”
Often times, when people wake up abruptly from deep sleep there morning is dreaded due to the uneasiness of suddenly being woken up.  The best thing to do, if you own an iPhone, is to download the app, sleep time.  When you download the app you will notice the difference in the alarm volume and sound then from the one on your phone.  According to the application, users should have the app open with the iphone laying face down on your bed when in use.  When you have the iPhone open laying face down on the bed, your sleep pattern will get calculated and analytics on the app will gradually rise the sound of the wake up bells.  By waking up in the right state of your sleep cycle, you will be woken up at the right time by an alarm in an easy going state. Gradual increase in sound and volume with the wake up bells allows you to wake up out of deep sleep more lightly.
 The importance and power of sleep should not be underestimated.  Lack of sleep or no sleep makes it very challenging for anybody to motivate themselves.  It’s true people can go on the Internet or listen to motivational speeches, but the individual must create a consistent routine of waking up and creating a strong vision for the future everyday.  It’s hard, that’s why most people never do it because they’re either lazy or just simply don’t want to accomplish anything.
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Everyone that is successful in life or business has a repeated routine of whatever habits they develop.  It is known that it takes twenty one days to break and change a habit.  If you have any ounce of doing well in life, you will have to realize someday either by a wake up call or someone telling you, great habits must be adopted.  If you look at what you do with your time, you need to be sure it is well spent and not wasted.  People fail when they lower themselves down to people that are around them.  If you listened to the five people that you are with the most than you will be a direct result of those five people.
Surrounding yourself with the right crowd alone could motivate you to be a better person or worker.  People fail because between the ears they are doubting themselves.  To stay confident in the face of adversity is a very challenging task, but no one great ever rolled over when something didn’t go there way.  Some common habits successful individuals do in the morning include but are not limited to: taking cold showers, reading, working out, working, doing puzzles, meditating, etc.
Maybe you like swimming early in the morning compared to taking cold showers.  It’s all up to the individual on their personal preference.  If you have a mission to accomplish whether it’s in sports or business, the best thing you can do is surround yourself with like minded individuals.  You will become your environment.  It’s human nature.  If you hang out or live with a bunch of non athletes, than it will be difficult to become a better athlete when none of them relate to your struggle.
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In business if you live with like-minded individuals that wanted to achieve your goals than your ability to adapt and work towards your mission will become a lot easier.  On top of having friends constantly motivating you, you will have twenty four-seven support with you at all times.  When you live with your business partners than it will be nothing but business all day, everyday.  Instead of talking about business you will be apart of business.  Nothing else will be as important than adding revenue to the business.  Any business can’t function without revenue.  When the business fails, the whole team fails.  Living together as a business team makes a lot easier to hold everyone accountable for each other.  No one man is more important than another.
At the crack of dawn, full force hustle should be the goal.  Fifteen to eighteen hour days should be the norm.  Not everyone will like this.  Most people can’t do this type of schedule seven days a week because they’d rather waste time going to the bar or watching pointless television.  When you’re just starting off, especially in the beginning phases, full throttle hustle must be the most important task to assert.  Nothing else in life is as important as business-related activities.  All the great entrepreneur mentors like Tai Lopez, Gary V, Grant Cardone, etc. all say the same types of things.  Don’t procrastinate, hustle your ass off, don’t listen to other people’s opinions, focus on sacrificing short term pleasures for long term dreams.
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Having the tendency to live in the present will ruin your business.  If everyone were to live in the now, than nobody would get anything done.  Production is the name of the game.  Producing day in and day out when nobody else is working will only separate yourself from the rest of the pact.  If you look at yourself and your business in the mirror you will see a direct reflection of income to the amount of work you’re producing.  It may be hard to confront yourself and ask if what you’re doing is producing income to support what you love to do in life.
Sometimes people have to self motivate themselves to do the things they don’t want to do in order to do the things they do want to do.  If everyone had a choice between doing something their passionate about versus doing it for the money, I’d bet everyone would choose passion over money.  Now on the other hand, some people think doing work to make money will give them more time to do activities there really passionate about.  It’s a toss up, and it’s the dilemma everyone has to face sometime in their life.
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